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Soon as I got something to write about you’ll read it here.  Excelsior !  and all that jazz.

By the way, included here are: 1) a draft of a synopsis which will accompany the marketing of my book, “Western Legend,” and 2) images I made depicting both a potential title for, and cover art for the book.  The publisher have their own artist working on the cover possibly using guidelines similar to this.  The quality of these images is crap, due to bitmaps not translating to JPEGs very well.  But the general intent should be evident.


by James Allder

By the autumn of 1899 the coffin has all but shut on the American Wild West.  Men once considered the quintessence of the term “desperado,” now seek legitimate standing in their respective community.

Some even long for redemption.

Enter four such men; each legendary in his own right.  The elusive desperado Frank James, divisive lawman Virgil Earp, his brother and confidence man James Earp, and a notorious assassin of cattle thieves, named Tom Horn.


Various authenticated accounts detail a chance encounter, wherein these men arrived separately in the burgeoning metropolis of Nacogdoches, Texas on a lazy Sunday morning, sought respite in the local saloon, and quickly found themselves entertaining adventurous children.  Hastily crafting and illustrating tales of the west, the men threw adventure around the room; dismissing the many myths surrounding their more infamous exploits, and denying the existence of notches on their guns.

However, when finally called upon to dispatch a new breed of desperado terrorizing local citizens, these western legends proved every one of those myths true–and in high style.

Carve another notch.


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