Revised ! Cover Art for “WESTERN LEGEND”

Well, the artist sent me (very quickly, I might add) a revised cover art proposed by the publisher.   You may notice she added shadows of three more cowboys in the background per my request.  (There are four main characters in the story, so that makes a bit more sense than the original art of a lone cowboy)  A little cheap and cheesy, but it does the job, I guess.  And she revised the blurb on the back to accurately affect what I think is a better synopsis.  Easier to read, rolls off the tongue just as well, yet illustrates the idea better.  Her turnaround time was 24 hrs.  Gotta give it to her, that’s not a bad turnaround time.  Anyway, here’s the revised art.


One response

  1. p.s. the book is a lot better than that cover lol

    April 23, 2011 at 10:30 PM

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