Odds & Ends 07/21/2011 (From Cowboys & Aliens to the Comic-Con)


There was a promotion held yesterday for the film Cowboys & Aliens which involved a website that allowed you to send a Cowboys & Aliens telegram to anyone, literally anywhere in the world — and for free, with a special coupon code.  You had to enter an email address for confirmation, therefore I assumed it was only one free telegram per e-mail. I initially sent three, to three separate production companies in the Los Angeles area.  A few minutes later, I decided to try my luck and go back and enter my three separate email addresses again, just to be sure.  Imagine my surprise when all three worked.  LOL !  I sent a total of SIXTY telegrams.  And each time I got an emailed confirmation.  Most of these went to production companies in Hollywood, and reading: “My book WESTERN LEGEND would make a much better movie !”  With my blog typed underneath.

[Although the telegrams that went to the producers of the movie, got a slightly altered version reading: “My book WESTERN LEGEND would make a great movie !”  I’m bold, I’m not stupid. ]

For fun I additionally sent one to my publishers Debra and Steven Womack at Whiskey Creek Press, and another to the managing editor of True West Magazine, Bob Bell.  For potential publicity I sent along two more to editors of Kirkus Reviews, one to the Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel (I’ve had previous contact with them about a possible article on the book,) one to the Northfield Historical Society, and one to the Tombstone museum for the Tombstone Epitaph.  I would have sent more, but by seven o’clock the code had expired … rofl.  I hope Warner Bros. got something out of that — I certainly did.



Apparently the 23rd (Saturday) is “Read ’em Cowboy !” National Day of the Cowboy event.  At least, someone said it is.  I read this on-line, and honestly have no idea if this is an actual designated movement to support literature.  It seems to be coming out of a single Barnes & Nobles store in Redlands, California.  But it fits with marketing my book, so I thought I’d mention it.  Read my book on Saturday.  Be good for ya.  Keep ya outta the HEAT !



I keep getting questions on the stats of sales of the book.  How many have been sold, etc.  I have no idea; the Publisher apparently generate this information quarterly, and not before.



My friend, Tiffany Turrill did this for a children’s book (The Journey of the Noble Gnarble) to be published October 1st, and written by Daniel Errico.  Amazing.  You can visit her website at: http://tiffanyturrill.daportfolio.com/



This is the week of the now MASSIVE Comic-Con in San Diego, California.  I went to this thing in the summer of 2001.  Met Ray Bradbury for the first time;  shook his hand.  Got snarled at by George Clayton Johnson (one of the writers on the original Twilight Zone,) attended a panel for the then soon to be released, remastered Director’s Edition of Star Trek: The Motion Picture — which was graced by the presence of Robert Wise: editor on Citizen Kane and Magnificent Ambersons;  director of The Body Snatcher, The House on Telegraph Hill, Day the Earth Stood Still, West Side Story, Sound of Music, The Andromeda Strain.  Got to watch a screening of The Last Starfighter — on film and pretty much alone; not a single sole was in there other than me. LOL.  Watched the promo for the original Smallville pilot, featuring a much older couple playing Ma and Pa Kent.  Sat in on the first Will Eisner Awards Ceremony — few people were there; this was a subdued yet incredible experience.  Saw lots of faces I knew from the comic book store I was working at in Burbank at the time.  Had dinner with some friends at the Lasagna House III, then saw Jurassic Park III … meh.

Stayed at the Marriott there at the Marina, in a very nice room.  Close ?  All I had to do was walk next door to the Convention.  Was amazing.  Had a breakfast in the Marriott Restaurant and when it proved vastly more expensive than what was quoted on the menu, I told the guy to bill it to a room number I came up with on the fly, and mentioned charging it too the “Underhill’s” account —  and believe it or not he walked away content with that bit of bullshit.

Toured the ground floor and saw, in addition to the occasional Movie or TV tie in, a LOT of dealer’s tables filled with COMICS and TOYS, etc., etc. Took a nice walk around the Marina one evening with a beautiful girl, then lost her name and number a day later. Shit.  Did a few of the panels — most pertaining to writing the field of comics and writing in general. All in all, it was a good time.

And none of it could be had, again.  I went back once more, and just stepped in for a visit with a complimentary badge. (I was with someone with pull.)  And even then, I could see everything had changed.  No more dealer’s tables.  No more comics for sale, no more toys, no more artists allowed to advertise and sell their work in the main room.  Oh, no, they had been pushed out, into another wing somewhere.  I mean I just wanted to leave, immediately.  And from what I have been told since then, everything has only gone further down hill.  Into the toilet of Hollywood commercialism.  It is now simply a convention wherein Hollywood connects with the fan-boy culture.  Panels about Movies and TV shows, lots of big banners and over-hyped entertainment properties.  Anything else you’ll see, be it toys or art or whatever, is directly tied to a major corporation.

Yet they still call it a Comic book Convention.  Comic-Con.

I’m told you can find the old school convention, but you have to walk for it and it isn’t what it used to be.  And you can no longer get a room at the Marriott, because while they put them up for reservation every year, they seem to go very, very unbelievably fast, and are said to be quite mysteriously occupied by guests of the Comic-Con, i.e. celebrities.

Two years later, I suggested to someone that when they go to the Comic-Con, they take a walk around the beautiful Marina at sunset with someone, like I did.  They came back in shock at my suggestion.  It was so crowded, there was no where to walk, and no privacy to really enjoy.  And it appeared to them to be that way, constantly.

I’d like to go back.  But the convention I once visited is not there anymore.  The public have been duped, completely into believing that the Comic-Con has simply “evolved.”  But in truth, the San Diego Comic-Con has been kidnapped and replaced with an imposter.  And a Corporate one at that.  The Con is no longer owned by the same people, and reportedly is co-owned by a few of the Studios.  Making it nothing more than a fucking marketing tool.

Oh well, so much for the idea of repeating my wonderful one-time excursion.


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