And the winner is …

Thanks to everyone who gave their input; believe me, you were of great help.  In addition to those who commented here on my blog, I also had input from various others.  And the overwhelming majority chose two specific projects:

Blood & Thunder

… and Attack ! of the Bermuda Triangle.

Between comments on my blog, emails, Facebook posts, and responses made in various forums,“Blood & Thunder” got a total of 22 votes.  While “Attack !  of the Bermuda Triangle” got 15.

… and the rest (rather surprisingly) got between 1 and 3 votes, each.  Lopsided, to say the least.  As a result, I determined very quickly that it would be wise to simply adapt the two which received the most votes.

But then, I realized something intriguing.  Similarities between these two projects run rampant.  Both involve a relative degree of “atmosphere” in the story — with both featuring bad weather coming in off the ocean; both to a varied extent involve pirates; both are contemporary yet with elements of “period” storytelling; both are clearly intended to be suspenseful; and both imply elements of the unknown or supernatural.

Clearly, there is a current interest among the public at large for stories in this ballpark.  And after some initial research, I quickly found that there isn’t much currently in print that echoes this kind of material.  That was also a factor in my final decision.

And then, there was the case of my first book.

While I was initially surprised that only one person in the Western community/forums chose to vote (regardless of the presence of western material on the list,) I also reminded myself that much of the feedback I received on my initial book, “Western Legend,” taught me that the current market for western fiction simply isn’t very high.  And while I have yet to receive residual payments for that book (they’re due in November,) I’m fairly certain they won’t $amount to much.  And with the exception of a few other western authors I corresponded with, everyone else I corresponded with seemed uninterested in that book.  Apparently, just because it was a western.  This was very often “after” I had informed people of the numerous production companies, celebrity actors, and directors who had read the original screenplay the book was based on.  No wonder Hollywood is afraid of westerns.        


Story Synopsis

Blood & Thunder

A Professor of maritime history, and one of the world’s foremost experts on Pirates and Treasure Hunting, has watched many of his own students go on to making historic discoveries — whereas he himself has spent a lifetime “consulting.”  Finally, he gets the call he has waited an entire career for.  Evidence has been discovered in Galveston, Texas revealing that an 18th Century pirate crew took possession of a bizarre cargo which caused the entire crew to mutiny against each other, strangely obsessed with the fate of their treasure.   The professor’s modern investigation is told simultaneous to the nightmare the pirates experienced in 1736, and the Professor quickly becomes just as obsessed with the treasure, as the Pirates themselves were.  Eventually everyone around him becomes concerned when the Professor begins, “seeing things.”  And to make matters worse, a Hurricane is headed for Galveston and the Professor refuses to evacuate.  All Ye Who Enter Here, Beware For Death is Near.

Attack ! of the Bermuda Triangle

Half S/F Thriller, half Comedy, this is the story of what happens when the Bermuda Triangle makes landfall on the doorstep of a neighborhood in Florida, and how the local residents — all of which are cut off from the rest of the world — team up with everyone that has ever, or will ever vanish inside the Bermuda Triangle, and battle every single science-fiction cliche’ imaginable, in order to survive the next 72 hrs.


One response

  1. Both of these have a lot of potential. Have fun with the projects.

    Dixie Goode

    September 30, 2011 at 11:16 AM

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