Danger and Adventure — On the Rocks, With a Twist and a Hair Trigger !

Told in false document and researched for historical accuracy, Western Legend is an homage to the pulp-style narratives of yesteryear.  Complete with cowboys & outlaws, and heavy helpings of dime novel high-adventure.

It’s Autumn, 1899.  And the coffin is closing shut on the Wild West.  Enter four legendary figures held-over from this era: lawman Virgil Earp, his brother and confidence artist James Earp, the cattleman’s assassin Tom Horn, and retired desperado Frank James.   Amid morning traffic and much commotion, these men meet by chance in the burgeoning metropolis of Nacogdoches, Texas, and roost in a local saloon.  Having discussed the coming Century, the men find themselves entertaining precocious children with tales of their more infamous exploits.  Addressing the controversial fallacies associated with their notorious pasts, and dispelling longstanding gossip of notches on their guns.

When late afternoon rolls around, an ugly situation reveals itself.  Murderous cattle thieves are terrorizing the surrounding community.  And these four men, western legends all, will not hesitate in volunteering their services.

Hang the hell on for danger and adventure — on the rocks, with a twist, and a hair trigger.  And while you’re at it, carve another notch.



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