As of Now the e-book officially has a Jet-Pack strapped to it, and it’s on its way to Mars !

Sales of e-books are booming with the a thunder-crack, that’s no secret.  Electronic books read on computers and e-readers currently account for 20% of all book sales.  And it has been projected that sales will climb within the next year or two, giving the e-book equal standing among print formats, and eventually creating very lopsided sales figures in the opposite direction.  And that’s across the board, we’re talking world-wide.

In a year when Border’s Bookstore and Apple iPad innovator Steve Jobs both died, and a year that saw Amazon’s Kindle e-reader become their best selling product of the entire year (remember, it was only introduced late in the last quarter of the year, ) books delivered electronically have taken over pop-culture, to a degree that they’ve actually pushed aside all comers.  And they’ve also relegated marketing for traditionally printed books to a diminutive status.  Flipping the business model of just a few years ago.

The e-book — a digital print file typically available for your perusal in file formats that match the devices they are being sold for — has completely embedded itself in our culture.  And some people have benefited enormously from this phenomenon.  One very lucky writer made over $300,000 (before taxes) off the sale of approximately 800,000 e-books.    And when analyzing the cultural impact of the e-book, be aware that things have changed so radically and so quickly, that even college students are now being allowed to download and bring to class textbooks on e-readers.  Something many of us would have been kicked out of school for had we tried it in our own youth.

Soooo many people fought this massive alteration in our literature climate.  And now their vain efforts have become unintentionally comical.  I, myself, balked at the e-book “revolution.”  Like so many others, I assumed it would be a fad.  Who wouldn’t prefer to hold an actual book in their hands ?  Who wants to trust this new electronic format for delivery of a product ?  What if something goes wrong and my payment gets lost, then what ?  … However … when I found it impossible to be published any other way, I went the way of submitting my novel Western Legend to e-book publishers — and got 9 responses within two weeks.  Since then, I’ve become more acclimated to both the format and the industry, and like so many others, my disposition has changed radically.

The e-book is here to stay.  And I need to get back to work.


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