It’s been so many weeks since I’ve posted, I thought I would put something up just to put something up.  I am working on something new, just not done with it yet.  In the meanwhile, here’s me retyping an all too brief article which appeared in the Sunday, August 14, 2011 edition of the Nacogdoches, Texas newspaper, The Daily Sentinel.

‘Western Legend’ set in 1899

In this recently released book of historical fiction, “Western Legend,” author James Allder relates the story, set in 1899, of four legends, most once considered “desperados” (sic) — Frank James, Virgil Earp, James Earp and a notorious assassin of cattle thieves, named Tom Horn.

In the narrative he describes how authenticated accounts detail a chance encounter, wherein these men arrived separately in the burgeoning metropolis of Nacogdoches, Texas on a lazy Sunday morning, sought respite in a local saloon, and quickly found themselves entertaining adventurous children.  Hastily crafting and illustrating tales of the West, the men threw adventure around the room; dismissing the many myths surrounding their more infamous exploits, and denying the existence of ‘notches’ on their guns.

However, when finally called upon to dispatch a new breed of desperado terrorizing local citizens, these western legends proved every one of those myths true — and in high style.” (sic)

Cost for “Western Legend” by James Allder starts at $6.99.  Classified as Western historical fiction (ISBN-978-1-6116-033), the book is published by Whiskey Creek Press LLC; ebooks are available from whiskeycreekpress.com, fictionwise.com and amazon.com










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