From Official Bio:

A native of Texas, James Allder began screenwriting in 1985, while still in high school.  His first novel, WESTERN LEGEND, is a hybrid of historical fiction and an 80’s action thriller, with Michael Crichton being a discernible influence.  He splits his time between California and Texas, and can be reached at antiquelightcompany@yahoo.com.  Jim can be found on Facebook under “James Allder.”  He is also on Twitter at JimAllder


Please direct Legal inquiries to:

Kevin Mills

Kaye & Mills

8840 Wilshire Boulevard, Third Floor

Beverly Hills, CA 90211-2606

Telephone: 310 358 3121

Facsimile: 310 358 3175




One response

  1. Excellent review of Super 8 . . . makes me want to run right out and not see it.

    Ormsby (from SST)

    June 20, 2011 at 11:48 AM

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