Author’s Note


A Brief Introduction

Chapter 1:   The Near Death of Tommy Henderson
Chapter 2:   Sunday Morning, Main Street U.S.A.
Chapter 3:   Enter, Legend
Chapter 4:   An Excitement on Main
Chapter 5:   Committee
Chapter 6:   Dubious Exploits
Chapter 7:   Cowboy, Adventurer
Chapter 8:   Incidentals on the Merely Legendary
Chapter 9:   Northfield
Chapter 10:  Street Fight
Chapter 11:   Formidable
Chapter 12:   Mackintosh
Chapter 13:   High Noon Perpetrated Within a Small Saloon
Chapter 14:   A Local Homestead: Two O’clock
Chapter 15:   Interlude — Mandy & the Deputy
Chapter 16:   Invented for Killin’ a Man
Chapter 17:   Head Start
Chapter 18:   Turning Point
Chapter 19:   Sheriff’s Office: Six in the Afternoon
Chapter 20:  Talcum Powder, 1,001 Uses
Chapter 21:   Reflections
Chapter 22:   Encampment
Chapter 23:   Frank and Raybourne
Chapter 24:   Virgil and Tom
Chapter 25:   Estimate of the Situation
Chapter 26:   Mahlon and Foster
Chapter 27:   Shootout Aboard the Houston East & West Railway
Chapter 28:   Outpost
Chapter 29:   Surrounded
Chapter 30:   At Close Quarters With the Beast
Chapter 31:   Interim
Chapter 32:   Blood and Thunder
Chapter 33:   Monday, November 20th
Chapter 34:   Print the Legend

End Notes



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